The Slutty Shops We Find All Over Facebook

Each time I switch on Facebook, one of my friends is tagged in these so called online shops, I personally call them The Slutty Shops. Therefore I am forced to see these vulgar and cheap pieces of clothing. And I wonder to myself…. But who the hell wears these pieces? These clothes are not about fashion but about having all your body exposed! No class whatsoever.

Sometimes I even contemplate blocking all these shops so that I wouldn’t have to see that fashion slaughter one more time…..

Anyway, a couple of weekends ago I went to an event in St.Julians, which was followed by a session of bar hopping, and there I got the answer :- It’s most of the under-aged girls in Paceville that buy clothes from The Slutty Shops!  They were everywhere, like a virus. Dancing around poles, half drunk, eye liner going all the way up to their forehead and with piercings all over their face (the kind that makes you wonder if it’s a mole or a piercing).

And another thing :- the fat that spilled out from every part of their body was disturbing. It’s one thing to see a tiny shorts on a skinny model, and quite another to see it on a 14 year old that is most probably still being spoon-fed by grandma carbohydrates every two hours.

Is this the next generation of fashion?

If the answer is yes, please somebody kill me. NOW.