Winter Depression part 2

Seasonal Affective Disorder

What can you do if you think you suffer from Winter Depression? If you are feeling seriously depressed or even have suicidal thoughts you should always consult a psychiatrist or your family doctor. When you just suffer from lower mood in winter and feel like indulging in those tasty cakes all the time you can start by waking up at a fixed time everyday and make sure you get out of the house as soon as possible to get into the daylight outside. Your biological clock benefits the most from light in the morning. Avoid wearing those sunglasses, no matter how fashionable they make you look! If that doesn’t do the trick you could consider Light Therapy. You need a special lamp for this that can produce bright white light of 10.000 lux. A typical treatment would consist of sitting in front of this lamp every day at a distance of around 50 cm for half an hour every morning while making sure that the light falls into your eyes. You would have to continue this for one up till three weeks which would usually be enough to improve your mood. There are lamps on the market that mimic the start of daylight that you can put on your bedside table but probably they are not strong enough to be effective. For a good lamp ask advice from your doctor or check on the internet.