Organic Beauty!


If you think about it, buying organic food should be the obvious choice for everyone; free from chemicals and pesticides which harm not only your body but also the environment, it’s the right and simple way to contribute towards a healthier lifestyle.
Unfortunately there isn’t always a wide choice of products and the higher price might also be a reason for choosing non-organic, but let the price be a way of supporting a good cause and getting something in return too!

Nowadays skin care and beauty products are equally popular for organic buyers – did you know that just like with food , your skin absorbs up to 64% of what you place on it?

It makes me think about all the harmful ingredients you find in regular skin care – I think it’s time for a little make-over in my beauty box :)

When you look for organic skin care remember that ‘natural’ does not mean organic. There are no regulations regarding ‘natural’ which means any company can name their product ‘natural’ as long as it contains a few ingredients coming from the earth. Organic skin care must be labelled as 100% certified organic ingredients.

Many women can actually tell a difference in their skin after swapping to organic creams and cleansers and claim that their skin looks more radiant and has a better tone and texture after a few months of use.

What do you think – could it be the good conscience talking or are these products actually better?!