The art of Feng Shui at home


Feng shui creates a harmonious atmosphere in your household. This art is all about the connections and energy flow between objects and people.

Furniture placement should not block or distort the flow of Chi (energy), therefore do not cram furniture or accessories into a tight space. For example the furniture in the living room which is the heart of the family in feng shui, should evoke relaxation. Furniture in a living room should be positioned to face the front door, if this isn’t possible hang mirrors on the wall so the front door can be viewed. All rooms should be clutter free.

While much of this may seem like a matter of belief systems, much is symbolic psychology. In fact it is important to place symbols most appropriate for what you are doing in that room. Why do we hang pictures of oranges and lemons in the kitchen or sea and pebbles in the bathroom? Find the main function of the room and make sure that with the choice of furniture and its placement there is energy flowing from that room.

Colour schemes can be very important reinforcing other symbolic elements. Choose colours and symbols that are meaningful for you and have an impact on your psychology, like relaxing colours in your office/library and earth colours that symbolize nature in the bathroom. Of course, consult family members who share those spaces!

We should also look at some of the psychological ramifications of decoration. Remove all old items which make you feel sad or angry because they remind you of someone or something. Those are negative symbols.

Consider carefully the symbols in your household and how they make you react. Most importantly remember that you are creating for yourself a place of harmony.