Introduction to Sue Caruana

When I was asked to blog for EVE… I was thrilled, excited and pleased… three adjectives that I think explain my initial feelings… then a few days later I started to feel stress… worry… and started asking myself why will anyone want to read my blog? What am I going to blog about? How am I going to keep the blog fun and real… to say that sleepless nights followed is not a lie… reading endless nail blogs, looking up info about products, and loads more worry… and then I had an epiphany :) I’m just going to write what’s in my head.. like a diary so to speak.. I’m sure that you’ll find my days amusing most of the time and as I’m always so excited about finding new colours, trends, services and so on, I am now convinced that I can do this :) Feel free to ask or comment on anything I write, the more interactive we become the better the blog will be. I have been told by the guys who set up this ‘portal’ that interactive discussion is possible. Forgive my ignorance when it comes to technology.. it is definitely not my field.

And in this blog, my very first blog, I want to congratulate the guys on this new venture, well done on all your hard work and dedication over the past months. I have no doubt that it will work well … now to all of you who are reading this.. share this link.. tell your friends about this great new on-line magazine.. go on.. get talking about ‘EVE’.