Phone Photography


Before I got my iphone a few years back, I always carried a digital camera around with me wherever I went, as photos play a very important part in my travel life. Nowadays the smart phones available are smarter than ever and I personally feel that sometimes it is easier to use than a digital camera. Here are some tips for taking snap shots with your phone.

  • Just hold the ‘camera’ in two hands just like you would do with a normal digital. This will avoid movement and shake, and therefore reducing blur. To keep it still look for something to lean on.
  • Zoom by moving physically in an out. No matter what make your phone is, many phones loose quality and resolution with the slightest zoom, so the best way to go about it is by zoning with your feet.
  • Don’t be afraid to take more than one shot of the same thing. This is the greatest advantage of digital photography. Don’t delete immediately the duplicates taken when you are out as they might turn out to be better than you thought when seeing them indoors , on a pc and with a bit of editing.
  • Light is very important when you take pictures with your phone, as pictures become grainy with the lack of light. I personally don’t like using the flash on my phone.
  • Try and shoot your images on high resolution, as this will enable you to crop and edit better.
  • Clean the lens.  Maybe it’s something we don’t really take into consideration when shooting with the phone.
  • We have seen an overdose of processed pictures on social networks like twitter or Facebook. These apps work!  Usually it’s the light that makes the picture, so play with contrasts, light and saturation. Just don’t overdo it!

Phone photography means freedom and ease. Start snapping.