What to Wear: Pear Shaped

Image: Pear-shaped Celebs Image: Wardrobe Staples for Pear-shaped Body-types

Not everyone looks like a Victoria’s  Secret model… are you pear-shaped or apple-shaped? If you tend to build fat around your hips, while you have a smaller upper body – then you definitely are pear-shaped. Some celebrities that have this type of body are: Kim Kardashian, Beyonce & Nicky Minaj.

In the images above you will find some tips about what is best to wear if you are pear-shaped to look and feel like a real DIVA.

This is a simple example of the best clothing for pear-shapes – and remember size 14 is not fat, it just means that you need extra attention when picking an outfit :) (Image: Pear-shaped Celebs)

Ideal dresses for pear-shapes – For you pears, the key to buying that perfect dress is to draw all the attention to the top, you should show off your fabulous arms, back and busts.

Avoid: Halter necks, as they make your shoulders look smaller and they don’t help in balancing this type of body shape.
Try: Puffy sleeves, these will create the illusion of wider shoulders and help you look more like the ideal hour glass figure.

Above you will find a few examples to help you understand what’s best to wear if you are a pear-shape (Image: Wardrobe Staples for Pear-shaped Body-types)