Dr Drenth part1

When I was asked to start writing as a blogger for EVE about mental health issues I hesitated at first. I would be the only male writer of all the bloggers that EVE was going to start out with. Not that I was so much worried to have to write about issues that would be of interest specifically for women. Actually I thought the idea was great to have a website dedicated to the interests of Maltese women. Malta has so many talented women(I happen to know a lot of them) and the women that would be giving insight in their fields for the website are proof of that. Even in the field of mental health I know a lot of women personally who are just as dedicated to improving the state of mental well being of the clients they work with, men and women. Surely they would be aware that still a lot has to be done to empower women in Maltese society so that they can participate as equal players to their male counterparts who have been pulling the strings in this country for such a long time. Well, I decided it would just be an honour to take part in this website. And hey, you readers can all start by giving women preferential votes in the coming elections, at least that is what I always do in my country. Good luck EVE!