Why do we travel?


I wanted to start the very first blog on eve.com.mt by asking myself why do I love travelling so much! What is this thing inside us that makes us want to explore every single piece of the world? Is it a passion, an obsession even? It surely has made many of us cry or held us up or put us in danger, yet travelling is one of the ‘hobbies’ mostly listed by people of any age.

I believe we are born to travel, born to be on the move and in my biased opinion I believe everyone should travel. Travel has a way of speaking to me, and opening my eyes and changing my perspectives, on people, places and thoughts. It is like a drug – addictive but that cures all thoughts and creates new emotions and boundaries. Unfortunately, I know that it is not the same for everyone. My eyes light up as soon as I hear of numerous travel adventures and I even feel a pang of envy for people bound to catch a plane, boat or shuttle, ready to take off into their wildest world of dreams. Some people take off to find themselves, and some are trying to get lost.

Where you go and how you do it, is an intensely personal thing, and everyone should do what’s comfortable for them. It can be used to relax, to see the world, or connect with people or passions, to explore work opportunities, all the while creating memories and experiences which will all form a ‘you’.

I personally want to make the most of this world and life at first hand, by tasting hand-crafted chocolates, smelling oceans, swimming with turtles, getting a neck ache by looking up at a city scraper,  what about you?