What to Wear: Apple Shaped

Image: Apple-shaped Celebs Image: Essentials for Apple-shaped Body-types

Apple-shaped women gain weight around their belly and upper body. They are usually heavy breasted with thin legs and small bottoms.

Celebrities with that type of figure are Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah and Jessica Simpson.
If you have slim legs, don’t be afraid to show them. The trick is always to accentuate your strong points. Make sure that you show off your toned legs by wearing a miniskirt and then go for a loose top to hide your tummy and upper body.

If you have big arms avoid strapless tops.

Avoid also tight fitted jeans from the waist, to avoid the famous muffin top. (Image: Apple-shaped Celebs)

Below you will find a few examples to help you understand what’s best to wear if you are an apple shape. (Image: Essentials for Apple-shaped Body-types)