4 tips for healthy hair

4 tips for healthy hair
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Just imagine the silly agony a girl can feel after letting her long hair fall to the floor at the hairdresser’s because of mistreatment – I’ve been there myself and I think it’s one thing we should learn how to avoid altogether, so I asked hairdresser Heather Tanti Brincat to give us a few pointers to healthier hair.

Q) Does a specific Heat Defence Spray really protect the hair from damage caused by blow-drying?
A) Heat protection products work by coating the hair and lubricating it during heat styling. The conditioning effect reduces the amount of damage caused by blow dryers curling irons and flat irons. The good news is that any product that conditions your hair during heat styling will help protect it. You don’t necessarily have to buy a special product.

Q) Keeping the hair pulled back in a ponytail is always convenient but could it damage the hair?
A) Tying the hair back everyday can result in hair-loss and the hair may only grow to a certain length.

Q) What type of brush should be used on newly washed hair to avoid tangling and damage?
A) You should always use a comb on newly washed hair never a brush.

Q) Apart from using a hair friendly silk pillow at night, what other secrets to shiny hair do we need to know?
A) You can try a keratin treatment which lasts for up to 4 months and restores the hair from inside out.