Make-up Tips for Specs Wearers

Make-up Tips for Specs Wearers Make-up Tips for Specs Wearers

In this day and age, glasses are considered to be must-have fashion accessories; ranging from the classic wayfarer to geeky styles that have experienced a revival over the past couple of years.  I myself wear glasses and I admit that at first I found it quite difficult to determine which make-up looks work best with my glasses.  Here is how to make the most of eye make-up when wearing glasses. Enjoy!

First up, select a frame that suits your face shape, complexion and features and make sure your lenses have an anti-reflective coating that enables your eyes to be clearly seen without any distracting reflections.

If your lenses have a magnifying effect, it is imperative that you pay attention to even the smallest of details as any ‘mistake’ will also be magnified.  Make the most of such lenses by creating the illusion of deep-set eyes with a very dark eyeshadow applied to your eye socket.  For long, thick lashes apply several coats of mascara but skip the eyeliner as it would look too obvious.

On the other hand, if your lenses make your eyes appear smaller, you will need to emphasise them. Rule Number 1 is to avoid dark eyeshadows as these will make your eyes look even smaller. Instead opt for medium-toned shades for definition around the outer corners.  Use a white eye pencil on your lower lash lines to make your eyes appear brighter and bigger and finish off with several coats of mascara.

Have fun experimenting with different looks and techniques to see what works best for you…and your glasses!