Hair Trends for 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Headband    Side-partings and ballerina buns as seen at Diane von Furstenberg
Side-parting & ballerina bun:

Just like fashion and make-up, hair trends come part and parcel with all catwalk shows. From fringes to side-partings and from pretty accessories to ponytails, here are the trends your crowning glory should be seen in.

Sleek Side-Partings – changing your parting instantly makes you look different.  Moreover, it makes the rest of your outfit and make-up do all the talking!

Heavy Fringes – seen a variety of shows, fringes are set to make a comeback this year.  Sport a short one for maximum impact, just remember to keep your brows in check.

Dip-Dyed Hair – dip-dyed hair this autumn turns to reddish and black hues to complement the season’s fashion colours.

Retro – from pin-up curls to bouffant, retro hair styles were all the rage this season…perfect for complementing the baroque feel in the sartorial department.

Hairbands – pretty and opulent hairbands are the order of the day. Go ahead and make a statement with a hairband while keeping your outfit and accessories simple.

Ponytails and Ballerina Buns – while these are not exactly new trends, they were seen at the majority of fashion shows.  Wear your ponytail low and experiment with twisted and braided buns for effortless chic.