Get ready for Just Publications‘ exciting new venture.

We’re very pleased to announce that Just Beauty Magazine will soon be going online with a fresh and interactive platform that will cater for all its loyal clientele. The project will encompass our ethos, values and acumen, implementing a contemporary approach to our business strategy.

Going online will provide a fruitful environment for suppliers and salons. This business-to-business setup will allow for direct communication between the professionals involved, with the Just Beauty Team assisting and monitoring all progress.

Suppliers will have full access to the platform’s features, where they may directly publish advertorials and supply brand content. The Just Beauty Team will then provide design and editing, in order to present the suppliers’ products at their best. This also applies to salon owners, who can create a full profile of their business and maintain their presence in the industry.

Just Beauty Online will allow our clientele to list and sell their wares, and it will also serve as a networking hub where events and seminars can be promoted. Vacancy and classified posts can also be published within the platform.

The hub will also feature an easy and exclusive directory of both suppliers and salons, which will be accompanied by a forum where queries can be made and efficiently answered. Guests and potential customers will also have access to the directory and classifieds, thereby expanding our members’ exposure to new clients.

Stay tuned for more updates on this new project in the New Year. We look forward to your being part of it!