Some succulent and sizzling dishes are now on offer at the renowned Rickshaw at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard.

Chef Hogan has once again crafted some exquisite and exciting flavours alongside his team at the Rickshaw that will certainly have your taste buds in a curious frenzy. Pushing the culinary envelope as always, the Rickshaw presents dishes such as the Singapore Style Frog Porridge and Scallop Clay Pot, featuring ingredients such as kimchee, miso and wood ear mushrooms in order to provide a truly Asian experience in the wonderful atmosphere of the restaurant.

The menu also boasts delicacies such as Silken Tofu with Creamed Century Egg, Dum ka Keema and Nihari, without of course forgetting staples such as sweet and sour crisp fried Pork Nuggets and the ever triumphant Octopus Salad. Delicious vegetarian dishes are also served to satisfy all palettes.

New Menu:

Singapore style frog porridge

Silken Tofu with Creamed Century Egg

Pork, Cabbage and Water Chestnut Gyoza – Steamed and then crisp fried served with soy garlic and ginger dipping sauce

Octopus Salad – With kimchee, asparagus, celery, hot and sour sauce

White miso, prawn and spring onion soup

Dum ka Keema – Aromatic beef stew simmered with papaya, coriander, chili & ginger topped with crisp fried onions

Nihari – Slow cooked mutton marinated in our garam masala mix served with ginger, coriander, chili and lemon

Sweet & Sour crisp fried pork nuggets in a sweet and sour glaze with pineapple and pomegranate seeds

Scallop Clay Pot – Scallops, chillies, lemon grass, wood ear mushrooms, asparagus

Golden Tofu – Wok fried with leek, garlic and coriander

Sautéed Gai Lan – With rice wine, garlic and ginger (Vg)

Sprouting Broccoli – With chili, garlic and shitake mushrooms (Vg)