Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Horoscope for January 2017



Virgos are currently dealing with the Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto configuration which is affecting the area of the chart to do with self-expression. This, and the New Moon focus on this aspect of themselves asks them to truly throw off any reservations that they may have about their creativity, and to let whatever it is they would like to bring through aesthetically manifest itself. Yes, it is a little difficult because Mercury is doing its backwards dance, but take heart, Virgo, for after the 9th you should be able to bring this creative part of yourself through.

Relationships will be in focus after the 4th, when Venus will grace you Virgos with charm and wit, and you could find yourself being the receiver of some loving attention, though conflicts could arise as you are also eager to assert yourself in a quiet and unobtrusive way, which could be misconstrued. The truth is Mars’ ability to agitate in even the quietest of ways can create an atmosphere, so conserve your energy for the end of the month, when a New Moon invites you to make changes to your working day , and have a more energetic rapport with others.

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