Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Horoscope for February 2018


Last month’s lunar eclipse affected you in a very particular way, Scorpio. First of all, it highlighted issues to do with your profession in a way that you had to be very aware of putting your best foot forward. It also changed the name of the game for you, because lunar eclipses have pretty much the same effect as formatting a computer – you feel the necessity for change, and the keyword here is ‘feel’. Scorpios do feel things very deeply, and rather intuitively, so February will see them addressing issues to do with how to redress this imbalance.

Furthermore, the New Moon on the 15th will assist you in laying down new patterns to do with creating a balance between time spent with loved ones and time spent devoted to your career. Sometimes, life asks you to be creative, and this comes with allowing yourself to play in your ‘sandpit’. Let your creative juices flow, Scorpio, you’ll be surprised with what you can dream up!

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