Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Horoscope for March 2017



It was all about creativity last month, Scorpio, and ensuring that you utilise your ability to express yourself and have fun in the process. Now that that is done and dusted, the news that your assistance is required by others in your social set will not come as a surprise. Your ruling planet, Mars, is currently making the headlines as it meets up with Uranus in the sky, auguring for an explosive couple of days at the beginning of the month. This will probably translate as a few heated words with colleagues in the workplace. As this energy finds itself in the area to do with health, it is worthwhile trying to diffuse it by channelling it into a project with altruistic aims. Sometimes, Scorpio, it is not always about you.

By the middle of the month, a Full Moon will draw your attention to the need for you to be active within a group of friends, especially after a short period of having fun on your own terms. It is at this time that you come to realise the role you play in others’ lives. Your motivation is, by this time, geared towards being assertive in relationships!

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