Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) Horoscope for September 2017


The eclipse last month had a special message for Sagittarius. You may have felt, Sag, the need to do away with everything that in the past, you felt, inspired you, as it was no longer valid. It is now that you feel you need to reach new heights and with this, you step into September with a new vision. Much of the month is focused on issues to do with how you balance the time you spend at home and at work. Truth be told, the people you share your home with are telling you they feel you devote too much time to your career, but in this they shall have to practice patience.

As the month pans out, much of the activity will be indeed focused on your career. You may find yourself being referred to for logical and accurate advice, and this will be well noted by your colleagues, who in turn find your motivational energy very inspiring.

The New Moon on the 20th begins a new cycle with regards to your career and the presence of Venus here will make you the charmed one. Enjoy.

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