Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) Horoscope for April 2017


The time for personal creativity continues on from last month, though your attention will be focused on harmonious relationships with those dear to you in your heart and home. The effect of Venus’ backwards walk is that you could be asked to redefine what makes you feel at home both emotionally and spiritually. By the time of the Full Moon on the 11th, Mercury also begins its backwards dance, so apart from finding yourself surrounded by friends, and focusing on social activities, you also are given the opportunity to rethink your ideas about expressing your creativity through play.

Now is the time to let your intuition lead you to letting your hair down, and respond to having fun in a spontaneous rather than a structured way, thus allowing yourself to go with the creative flow, especially when dealing with work colleagues. The New Moon at the end of the month is all about starting a new health regime, so make the most of the abundant physical energy at your disposal, and make your working environment a more harmonious one.

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