Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Horoscope for November 2017


Where would we be without our Pisces people? You are the dreamers, the aspirers, the ones who have enough compassion to forgive folly committed by the rest of us. If you have been feeling disillusioned with the world recently, rest assured that this is just a symptom of the journey you are currently on. The planets indicate that you are presently on a journey of empowerment, so one hopes that you will soon make the necessary changes to make life more meaningful to you. This could just possibly be about bettering your financial disposition.

The Full Moon on the 4th of the month highlights the need for you to look at the mundane details that need tending to. Take care of the paperwork so that you can free yourself up; do not procrastinate in this. After the 8th you could find yourself being asked to be a spokesperson in a professional capacity.  Maybe you have been feeling as though no one listens to you; by the end of the month you will be the voice of reason. Furthermore, you may be required to make changes with regards to your social circles. It’s all part of the journey!

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