Libra (September 23 - October 22) Horoscope for February 2017



For the first two weeks of the month, you Libras are under the effect of a New Moon which is all about personal creativity. This is a good period, therefore, as it is during this particular moon that you might feel emboldened to try something new, to feel good about yourself and radiate that self-confidence outwards. It is also during this time that any communication with loved ones will assist you in this.

By the middle of the month, both Venus and Mercury will have changed sign, and for you Libras this means that you enter a period which sees you being both creative on personal and interpersonal levels. The positive effects of a powerful mental connection when it comes to self-expression will no doubt endear you to your significant other, whilst also enjoying a period of harmonious relating. The Full Moon at this time draws your attention to the fact that sometimes it is not all about you, but about your part in the lives of others which needs to be appreciated. By the end of the month, a New Moon (also a solar eclipse) assists you in laying down foundations to do with structuring a daily schedule which benefits you as things could get a bit too erratic for your liking.

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