Libra (September 23 - October 22) Horoscope for September 2017


This time of the year is a significant one for Libra as the first three weeks of September in any year in the life of a mature person usually signifies a time when much soul-searching is happening. Of course, you are going to be celebrating the anniversary of being on this third rock from the Sun, and with it comes a period of introspection. Last month’s eclipse possibly changed the status quo regarding your social networking; because the‘slate’ was effectively formatted and you felt things were working out differently in that respect.

This month’s focus will have you looking at the meaning of things in your life. Beginning with the Full Moon on the 6th, you may find yourself asking yourself whether you have any real power to make changes. The answer is yes, of course, you have.

The secret lies in balancing your sense of service to self with your sense of enslavement to the world. The world’s best yogis will always tell you the power lies within, and this is the message of the New Moon at the end of the month. Go for it Libra!

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