An inspired Leo is something to behold, mainly because it stokes their egos. You see, Leos, like cats, are more likely to take action if they are interested in something, otherwise it is just not worth their time. You start out the month, Leo, still looking for inspiration, feeling that you might have missed the whole point, somehow. The truth of the matter is that up until the middle of the month, relationships might be a little challenging because you feel the need to evaluate things, and also whether the recent decisions involving the resources you shared with others are dependable. It is at this point that the Full Moon encourages you to tend to the mundane details, rather than looking far afield. Ensure that all communications are in order, because this month you should take advantage of the energy available (thank you Mars) to advance yourself career-wise.

By the end of the month, a New Moon in Taurus is all about a new cycle in your profession, so this is a good time to lay down plans to reinvigorate your career, or perhaps to simply focus on some aspects of your personality which would assist you in this project. Lastly, get out there and enjoy your social life, but do not overdo things; no one likes a worn-out Leo! Let others take the lead, as for once, you are being asked not to be the centre of attention. Miaow!


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