For the first two weeks of the month, Leos will be focusing on laying down new patterns to do with sharing with that significant other; diplomacy is high on the to do list. Remember that Venus, the goddess of love and networking, is in an excellent position to deepen that intimate connection with your loved one, even if this is played out in a financial situation (if that isn’t sharing, what is?!). Leos may also have been busy getting work schedules organised and fine tuned so that after the 8th, not only will the lions of the zodiac be able to look for inspiration by looking far afield, but also take the opinions of others into consideration when taking decisions. This can be a bit problematic for you Leos, as it is generally well known that you have this innate need of pampering even if you want to make sure everyone else is happy.

This is precisely the message of the Full Moon on the 11th; balance the needs of others with your own. By the end of the month, the energy of the New Moon in Pisces (and also a solar eclipse) assists you in laying down new patterns to do with empowering yourself. This is a good time to take control of issues which you have previously been shying away from. Do it before it takes control of you!


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