Astrologer for EVE.COM.MT, Cindy Chapelle, writes...

Gosh – January passed pretty quickly, even though it was probably the coldest we have all felt in a while. The planets, in the meantime, continue to move around the zodiac, and this month Mercury transits no less than three zodiac signs. Between the 8th and the 27th, Mercury will be transiting the sign of Aquarius, so the Aquarians out there will have their thinking hats on and inspire us all with the mental acumen. Venus, the planet of love, is in fiery Aries after the 4th, whilst Mars meets up with the eccentric Uranus at the end of the month. How does this affect you? Read on to find out.

February is also eclipse season, so there could be a few surprises in store for some of you!

Have a lovely February, and take care of yourselves!

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