Astrologer for EVE.COM.MT, Cindy Chapelle, writes...


Hi readers! Welcome to the March horoscopes. Thank you for dropping in and reading what the skies have in store for you. If you know a little bit about astrology, then you would know what you rising sign, or ascendant is. In a nutshell, the date, place and time of birth determines which zodiac sign was rising on the eastern horizon at that point in time and place. So you could be a Leo, but the sign on the eastern horizon could be any of the twelve signs. This means that although you are, say, a Pisces, you could have Virgo as the ascending sign (hence ascendant). You can check what your rising sign here for free.

If you do know your rising sign, try reading the horoscope for that sign as well.

This month, Venus, the Love goddess begins her backwards dance (called retrograde motion), whilst Mercury speeds through no less than two zodiac signs. Mars goes from fiery Aries to steady-paced Taurus, thought the first week this warrior occupies the same section of sky as Uranus. Eek! Do not succumb to the temptation to drive recklessly!!

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I loved writing them for you. All handmade for by Cindy Chapelle!

Have a great month!!


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