Astrologer for EVE.COM.MT, Cindy Chapelle, writes...

Happy New Year, Eve Readers!!!

I hope that 2018 brings you everything your hearts desire, and that health and happiness be plentiful.

January is always the month when we consider what we need to bring into our lives, and what we need to dispense of. So let us see what this month’s horoscopes have to reveal. Firstly, the Sun has gone past the solstice point, and the hours of light are increasing. Mercury the heavenly messenger travels through half of Sagittarius and all of Capricorn this month, whilst Venus goes from cold and business-like Capricorn to gregarious and eccentric Aquarius. Mars stays in Scorpio for most of the month, where it is at its most powerful, only to change sign towards the last four days of January. We also have two Full Moons this month (and this Full Moon is also a total lunar eclipse), giving rise to the popular term ‘once in a blue moon’. You might feel that attitudes towards issues shift in some way, depending on your zodiac sign.

How does all this affect you? Read on to find out!!

Have a lovely month!

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