Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Horoscope for April 2017



If you are feeling a bit perplexed, Gemini, as though something is about to pop, it is only the effect of having a lot of bottled up energy. On the one hand you feel the need to get out there with your friends and socialise, whilst on the other, you also sense you are being pulled in the opposite direction to redefine career goals.  If you believe that your projected plans did not render the expected outcome, and are feeling a little disappointed, rest assured that after the 16th, things will swing back into balance for you. In fact, by the 11th, the Full Moon will show you the way forward: it is about letting your hair down and going out to play. In other words, you need to express your creative faculties.

Communications could go a little awry this month as Mercury starts its backwards dance. For you this is all about how you handle your social relationships. This could mark a time when you need to step back and see how those around you in social circles interact with each other, and ask yourself whether you’ve really been listening. It is necessary to redefine what a friend is. Think about this. By the end of the month, a New Moon asks you to step back and find time to unwind. Go to your sanctuary. Park your troubles there. You deserve it.

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