Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Horoscope for January 2017



How on earth does a Gemini handle a Mercury retrograde (that’s a backwards dance to you)? This one is in force until the 9th, when Mercury backtracks into Sag at 28 degrees, then ‘walks’ back into Capricorn on the day of the Full Moon. For you Geminis, this is highly auspicious, as it could signify a time when you can finally begin to think of ways to nurture yourself after a time of looking after others. is there something that you have always yearned for, but never indulged yourself in? This could be your lucky month!

Most of the month is about how you Geminis handle yourselves in a professional sense. After the 4th, Venus will definitely don her wit, charm and grace to dazzle those you work with, and there is no lack of motivation energy to get the task done. By the end of January, a New Moon will inspire you to go further afield in a philosophical sense, and look for new experiences. It sounds exciting!!

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