Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) Horoscope for March 2017




Last month’s New Moon saw you implementing alternative ways of handling daily excursions, meetings, and communications. You have been rather busy, and trying to keep up with everyone including those at home, is becoming too hectic. At the moment, you have a lot of energy at your disposal to contribute to those around you at home. This is a very good time to get DIY jobs done, though do take care to avoid any silly accidents. Communicating through the written and spoken form comes easy to you this month, though the pressure to perform well on the job must be balanced with time at home.

By the middle of the month, the Full Moon will ask you to have a good look at what you aspire to, and take a leap of faith. Too much focus on the mundane is not what is needed at the moment. Your boundaries need broadening, something served as easily by a good book as by a short trip abroad. Whatever the case, inspirational thinking is on the cards for you, and by the end of the month, a New Moon in Aries is all about you getting in touch with your feelings concerning home and hearth.


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