Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) Horoscope for April 2017



Capricorns will be delighted to know that after a period of focusing on balancing time between home and work, the next step is to reap the benefits of stepping into the limelight. This is a good time in their career, so be sure, Cap, to put your best foot forward, as you may be called to shine at a moment’s notice. This is nicely balanced by the amount of energy you have at your disposal to be creative on a personal level, so do give yourself the opportunity to get out there in the sandpit and play. Bear in mind that half way through the month, Mercury begins its backwards dance and therefore communications could go a little awry.

Just when you thought you were making progress with a creative project, your attention is needed once again in the home, possible to do with tending to the emotional needs of others. By the end of the month, work takes precedence as you attempt to pace others in the workplace, and this might not have the effect you desired. It helps to make the working environment a fun place to be. As always, be nice.

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