Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) Horoscope for February 2018


Last month’s Full Moon was also a lunar eclipse, and when that hits a chart, you can pretty much expect a sort of formatting effect. Capricorns are going to feel they need to rethink the way they do their shared resources, their loans and shares, as they feel it is not working for them. As you know, our Capricorns are practical, hard-working people, so this is important stuff.

Having said that, the influence of Venus and Mercury this month is going to lighten their spirits insomuch as they will feel inspired to do things differently, or perhaps a little too idealistically. Well, Caps, the New Moon in the middle of the month will have you reassess what is important to you in terms of financial security. Having done that, make the necessary changes, but only after you read and understand the small print.