Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) Horoscope for February 2017


Capricorns have been busy over the past few weeks getting their message across to the world. This, in effect, was the beginning of a new cycle for them, one which sees them telling the world exactly who they are. They also got busy getting their finances in order, with the scope of ensuring that their physical needs are met. Like all Capricorns, they feel secure when their physical surroundings reflect the order they want to project.

By the 8th, things change for you, Capricorn, as both Mercury and Venus change zodiac sign, signalling a time for you to focus you mental acumen on financial issues. This month also sees you moving around your local environment with grace and charm, visiting friends, chasing paperwork and tending to mundane issues. The Full Moon on the 11th highlights finances yet again, and may require you to share your resources in some way to help someone out of a situation. Do take care with those you share your home and hearth with, as egos could get in the way of common sense. By the end of the month, a New Moon assists you in laying down new patterns to do with how you handle the mundane details of everyday life. Remember that this is a solar eclipse too, so the importance of doing this properly cannot be underestimated.

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