Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) Horoscope for August 2017


The month starts out with an emphasis on how you relate to your significant other, business partner or love interest. This is what you carried over with you from last month. Truth be known, you were somewhat focused on your work schedule and this month you are more able to devote your energies to relationships. On the 7th, a Full Moon asks you to reassess issues which relate to what brings you material security and what value things have for you.  Perhaps a leap of faith is required as things can get a little foggy, especially after the 15th when Mercury goes retrograde.

The New Moon on the 21st is also a solar eclipse, the nature of which brings change, and therefore you Capricorns could be asked to make small but significant changes in how you deal with your financial Commitments or indeed how you empower yourself. The presence of Mars in this area of the chart indicates that it is within your power to succeed.

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