Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Horoscope for January 2017



Relationships can be daunting, can’t they, Cancer? As much as you try to nurture others it still comes down to good communication skills, and how to do this when Mercury is doing its backwards dance until the 9th is rather challenging. Standing issues will be reconsidered, possibly from a different angle, so if you feel that you are getting nowhere fast, wait until after the 9th for clarity, or perhaps until the end of the month when Mercury meets Pluto for some fantastically acute mental acumen.

By the middle of the month, a Full Moon will inspire you to look at how you assert yourself. Perhaps you have been focusing too much on your significant other, which is fine, but not to the exclusion of your own needs. It might help balance the energy of a Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto configuration which is demanding change in the way you handle relationships. Venus and Mars both egg you on to tap into the wisdom you have acquired, to the extent that the empowerment issues which are raised at the New Moon on the 29th will be beneficial to you.

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