Aries (March 21 – April 19) – February 2018 Horoscope


Aries people started out the month with the energy of the Full Moon encouraging them to have a little fun and have a go in the sand box. This was also a lunar eclipse, and therefore you Aries peeps might expect something of an emotional nature to change or give way. The build-up to the New Moon, which is also a solar eclipse, talks to you of changes in the way you network with others. Perhaps you feel it is time that you began to frequent other groups of friends.

It would be wise not to making life-changing decisions after the 19th, when the influence of Mercury will be at its best in terms of mental acuity.

After that, you could be in for some very interesting social interaction with a somewhat romantic flavour. It can be fun, but also quite unreal, or should we say surreal? Enjoy!


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